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Writing with images, callouts, sidebars, notes, graphics, color organizer, whiteboard, zooming canvas
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14 December 2012

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This tool helps organize notes and improve writing.

This tool will help you improve your writing by letting you organize ideas and notes well. You are able to compile notes, structure them and add images too in this unique writing and layout app. Create layouts of boxes, words, images, notes and side boxes. You can zoom out to sell the full layout and zoom in to see details. The tool provides 78 examples of how these could be used. Custom clip-arts are available to express your ideas well. Colors used can be changed, boxes could be grouped together and it is easy to export/publish the composition. This is really a word processor with a different perspective that includes mages, side boxes, callouts, sidebars, comments, and notes. You could use these to help your creative writing, research and notes. If you wanted to create eBooks, magazines, teaching materials, that’s possible too.

It is like the modern equivalent of a corkboard/pin-board/ whiteboard for all your images, clipart, photos, graphics, for notes, documentation, research, lists, etc. When editing, these elements could be moved around to trigger ideas and organizing your thoughts well. For the final round of editing, you could export the whole thing to a regular editor and get the finishing touched done. Images could be flipped and rotated, transparent boxes created, grouped together. Zoom can be as high as 400%. If you are into writing for different reasons, this can help trigger ideas and get writing organized well. This is a really different kind of product, it is very good.

Publisher's description

Increase productivity and creative ideas. Writing with images, callouts, sidebars, photos, graphics, clipart, arrows, notes. For all writers and designers. 5 star reviews, recommended.
Organizer, whiteboard, corkboard, full color. Lose and forget nothing, all saved on large canvas. Use images, photos, clipart, arrows, anything. Increase productivity. Zooming canvas many editors, images. Keep all ideas and notes in one big layout. Maximize productivity.
Design, DTP layout. Publish with many export functions. For all writing, photos document, annotate, organizer, outliner. Creative writing, essays, articles, blogging, fiction, reports, academic. 5 star reviews, recommended.
Zooming canvas layout of multiple text editors and zoom. Allows positioning and view of all boxes in any color. Publish with many export functions. Make new ideas, keep all ideas to hand in view. Work on main text with all usual formatting commands.
Keep all your ideas and notes and images and photos in one big layout where layout positioning helps productivity of main document. All editing boxes are together. Lose and forget nothing. Full color. All saved in one small file. Many display templates and example files.
Easy to use. Simple interface with zoom canvas layout, change colors, resize, drag and resize and delete boxes, zoom in and out to see whole canvas layout of all editing boxes or zoom in to edit.
Unique info map allows instant movement across large canvas layout to any of your editing boxes, wherever they are. Your canvas layout can be screen sized or huge with zoom out and in, and info map for speedy view positioning.
Big social website too with forum, examples, templates, how to write advice, design advice, support, FAQ, help, and also web version of program. Recommended, many testimonials for different uses. Best software.
Story Turbo
Story Turbo
Version 2.2
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